Venice Carnevale

Explore one of the most recognizable of all European cities, Venice. This is the best time to visit the floating city. Carnevale brings the street excitement of Mardi Gras to every canal, bridge and gondola – so grab your Venetian mask, and get ready for the party of a life time!

Barcelona Abroadfest

Barcelona wants to welcome all study abroad students to Europe with a crazy three-day EDM festival. Grab your glow sticks and get ready to party until the sun comes up!

Ireland St. Patrick's Day

You don't need the luck of the Irish to get to Ireland. You just need to get here! Let your imagination wander at Dublin's Castle, roll over the green fields and visit the West Coast. Enjoy a proper pint at the Gravity Bar and explore the city during one of the world's most famous parties!

Munich Springfest

Dancing on tables, prosting steins of beer, and belting out merry songs with dozens of new friends is what festivals in Munich are all about!