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Studying abroad in Europe is more than classrooms in a new country: At what other time in your life will you be so conveniently located that traveling to a new country is just a bus ride away? Whether your temporary home base is Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, or anywhere else in Europe, we help you take advantage of every weekend you spend abroad with travel packages (day and weekend, long-break trips) to Europe's must-see cities and destinations. Booking with Bus2alps takes the stress out of planning: our trips are guided by our passionate Blue Crew, and include round-trip transportation, accommodation, breakfast eat morning, city walking tours, discounts with partners exclusive to Bus2alps, and more.


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Florence Departures

Day, weekend, and long break trips departing from Florence, Italy.

Rome Departures

Day, weekend, and long break trips departing from Rome, Italy.

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Meet us in any of our destinations for a weekend or long break trip.

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Whether you want to lounge on a beach, explore a city, or spend the weekend outdoors, we have something for you!

Fall Breaks

Cross off 5 countries on one of our Loop Fall Breaks or Island Hop through Greece


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