The Crew

Meet the people behind the blue.


Our Mission

We are more than just a tour operator.  We are your travel partners and your friends.  We strive to bring you the same fun, safe and high quality experience that we would expect when traveling with a professional tour provider.  Our trips are not just group tours, they are an opportunity  to experience travel with helpful guides willing to assist you on your current trip as well as any travel plans in your future.  We aim to bring more students across Europe to experience travel in a fun and efficient way. Whether it's studying abroad for a semester or traveling to Europe for a short getaway, our goal is to continue making traveling abroad great no matter where your destination may be.


The Evolution of Student Travel

Bus2alps was started in February 2003 after a train strike in Italy left students stuck in Florence, unable to reach Interlaken. By reacting to student demand, Bus2alps has more than doubled its rate of growth every year in terms of customers, in addition to the number of destinations and departure cities. Bus2alps has since expanded to four departure cities (Florence, Rome, Barcelona and Prague), has over 15 destinations and has students joining trips from all over the world. Bus2alps offers a "Fly From Anywhere" option bringing our top quality experience to any student anywhere. Each Bus2alps trip is carefully planned and consistently updated to remain to the top quality of the customer.

Why Bus2alps, Ltd.?

1. Price, value and convenience

The Bus2alps experience provides its customers with the cheapest and most encompassing way to experience Europe’s top destinations. Bus2alps provides a cheaper and easier alternative than figuring out the train or negotiating the security line at the airport. Trips are hassle-free; allowing you to maximize your time spent at all destinations and make the most of your trip. You do not have to spend hours arguing with friends over how to schedule the week. You do not have to worry about missing most of the great sights at a destination because you did not know where they are located. You do not have to worry about spending a night at Milano Centrale because you did not know what time the last train home was. All of this is organized for your convenience.

2. The original

This company started it all! We have done more trips to more destinations than anyone else. Local knowledge is king. We do not need to quote guide-books in our brochures or consult them for recommendations. We have been there and tailor our trip schedules so that YOU get the very best weekend! By knowing the destinations, we are able to save you money and prevent you from being overcharged or ripped off.

3. More trips to more destinations

We are constantly adding new trips, destinations, activities and cities to meet client demand. Travel through Eastern Europe, the deserts of Morocco, the waterfalls of Croatia and more with us!

4. We bring friends together

All Bus2alps trips are designed for anyone to join, whether it is by bus, plane or train. Just because we don’t have a bus departing from your city doesn't mean you can’t join. All of our trips have a "Fly From Anywhere" option, and include all top-notch Bus2alps service. You can even join us from the United States on Spring Break or St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Therefore, you can meet up with your friends with Bus2alps, even if you are studying in Florence and they are in Barcelona, Amsterdam or London.

5. Award-winning travel

Bus2alps consistenly provides customers with an unforgettable experience. For two consecutive years (2012 and 2013), our trip to the Amalfi Coast has been voted "Europe's Most Amazing Tour" by previous customers on TourRadar. Bus2alps' 'Florence 2 Sorrento' trip was recently voted the second "Best Tour Worldwide" by over 800,000 Hostelworld customers.
Bus2alps uses the same criteria on all of our trips, so you can expect top quality and planning for each trip.

6. The best accomodations

We use the top accommodation at each destination. We look for the best hostels, in the best locations, with the best facilities. We use the these hostels because of the incredible atmosphere and youth scene, something hotels cannot offer. Our hostel selections have great common areas and bar/restaurant where you can meet and exchange stories with people from around the world! Staying at hostels in Europe is the way all real travelers go.

7. The most inclusive package

Our packages are carefully planned so it includes all the necessary activities, and allow for discounted optional activities. Bus2alps includes local transports, ferries, fully guided walking tours, bike tours, welcome drinks and additional discounts. Bus2alps offers add-ons to our trips that can be paired with your booking so you can pre-book optional activities and receive a bigger exclusive discount from Bus2alps. There are no hidden check-in fees and additional discounts for booking multiple trips make for an unbeatable deal.

8. Freedom of choice

Our guides do a pre-arranged schedule that is designed so that if you want to join them, you will get the most out of the weekend. It is not mandatory to do this schedule. You will receive a Bus2alps City Guide that will provide you with information about key sites, places to eat, nightlife spots and other tips so that you can explore the city at your own leisure. In addition, your Bus2alps trip leader and the staff at our accommodation are knowledgeable and can provide any further recommendations within the destination.

9. Safety

In over 10 years and over 35,000 guests on trips, Bus2alps has never had a serious incident on a trip. Traveling with Bus2alps is the safe way to explore Europe, as you will always be traveling with a group and an experienced trip leader.

10. We care

Bus2alps truly cares about the student experience during and after the trip. We send out weekly surveys assessing the overall experience of each trip for each individual student. This feedback allows us to continually improve our trips and tailor them to current student demands allowing us to remain ahead in customer experience. Our staff is the friendliest, most helpful and joins in on the trip activities and making sure that everyone’s needs are accommodated for. Our staff loves what they do and take great pride in having a positive influence on a student’s time abroad. Our staff truly care that you are having the greatest time imaginable on your trip.

11. Ease of booking provides students with the greatest ease of booking and most information. Bus2alps boasts a superior booking process and office staff. Our booking system is quick, easy to use and allows you to make your own unique Bus2alps user account, which allows for you to change your passenger information and quickly book new trips with Bus2alps. Our new booking process allows us to track if you refer someone to Bus2alps, making you money to finance your time abroad. No other company pays you cash for signing friends up. All of our company information, including our insurance, travel bond and company registration details are online. Guest testimonials, videos, pictures, and experiences can be accessed and students can make decisions based on full disclosure of information.