About Us -

Bus2alps was founded in 2003 when we ran our first bus trips to Interlaken and the Amalfi Coast from Florence, Italy. Today, we are the largest student tour operator in Europe, and we pride ourselves on being American study abroad students' first choice for travel.

In 2003, a train strike left a group of study abroad students in Florence stranded and unable to follow through with their weekend plans to travel to Interlaken, Switzerland. This incident marked the first Bus2alps trip, as we were able to step in and provide bus transportation to the Alps. Since that weekend, we've grown to travel to over 40 destinations—but the name stuck, and 16 years later we still call Interlaken our home base.

Since our first trip, we've continued to grow exponentially—from 5,000 passengers in 2009 to 30,000 last year. Additionally, we continue to expand our destinations way beyond the Alps. We run trips to over 50 destinations across Europe and North Africa, and it just keeps getting better.