Mostar, Bosnia Day Trip - Trips for 20-somethings to Europe's Top Destinations

Mostar, Bosnia Day Trip

This tour is offered with our Croatia Long Weekend trip and departs from Split, Croatia.

Check another country off your bucket list and join Bus2alps in Mostar, Bosnia for the day. Situated in a beatiful valley and surrounded by the mountains of Herzegovina, Mostar is famous for it's Old Bridge, built by the Ottoman empire in 1565. Enjoy the day exploring 16th-century mosques, old Turkish houses, and artsy cafes in the Ottoman Quarter with its old cobble roads. You'll also want to take in the scenic views of the Old Bridge and the Neretva river while grabbing a bite to eat on the terrace of one of the several restaurants along the riverbank. In just one day you will have crossed the country's borders and discovered somewhere that many people will never have the opportunity to see! 

What's included:

  • Round trip transportation by private coach bus

  • Trip leader to accompany you

**This tour needs a minimum of 10 people to run. 

8:00 Depart Split, Croatia to Mostar, Bosnia

20:00 Return from Mostar, Bosnia to Split, Croatia 

  • Mountains of Herzegovina
  • Old Bridge, built by the Ottoman empire in 1565
  • 16th-century mosques
  • Old Turkish houses
  • Ottoman Quarter
  •  The Neretva river


  1. Croatia
  2. Mostar