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Street Art Graffiti Tour

The Street Art Graffiti Tour is a ‘ walking art lesson’ and is going about the history of graffiti and street art, contemporary theories of aesthetics, cultural analysis and technics of painting. In response to some artworks in the streets I also start discussions about political, economical and social issues. Most of all I’d like to inspire people to listen to their heart and to surf the waves of their imagination.

While we are walking I will tell you about the history of street art and graffiti, about my adventures in Portugal as a Dutch girl, and of course I also want to know who you are. It will be an interactive walk with talks about travelling, arts, cultural diversity, beauty, public space, architecture, surfing, style, music, movies, love and life.

The walk is based on the edu-tainment principal. It's fun and you learn something. Of course the arts are a very important part of the tour, but during the tour you'll also learn something about the history of Lisbon, like the history of some neighborhoods, buildings and streets. I'll tell you about my experiences as a Dutch women in Portugal in relationship to some gender issues, we can discuss about differences between Portugal and the Dutch culture, and perhaps also some talks about Europe, the world, the cosmos, life and beyond. And, last but not least, I love to talk about surfing, painting, writing and yoga as well! Enough chats, talks and walks. I just can walk and talk for hours.


Keep it with us, for full surprise. 

- From Tuesday till Saturday tours from 11 toll 13
- Meeting point: Rossio Square at the big fountain (the one that's in front of the theater).


  • Walking art lesson
  • Learn about history of graffiti and street art
  • Visit Lisbon from a diferent point of view
  • Learn about history of Lisbon
  • Visit Lisbon Historical neighborhoods,
  • Much and much more


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