Rome 2 Florence, Venice + Taste of Tuscany

The birth of the Renaissance and home to some of the most significant buildings, paintings and sculptures in art history is just the beginning of what Florence has to offer. Enjoy true Tuscan cuisine and the diverse nightlife of the city. Florence and the surrounding Tuscan countryside hold some of Italy’s most iconic images. See the David, get lost in the famous San Lorenzo leather markets, and indulge yourself with gelato.  Saturday, wander around the city on water.


Sunday, start your day with a tasting of Chianti’s finest wine paired with authentic Italian cheeses and meats in a hillside vineyard. You'll pinch yourself to make sure the rolling hillside views of Tuscany are real. Next, visit the gorgeous town of San Gimignano to devour the world’s best gelato and climb towers with panoramic views under the Tuscan sun. We'll then set off to another local vineyard where you'll finish with a homemade Italian meal of ribollita, lasagna and the most decadent truffle oil you've ever tasted; not to mention, a 7+ glass tasting presented by the ever-charming staff (full disclaimer, you may fall in love with them!) You'll make it home in time for a quick nap before enjoying yet another perfect night in Roma.


Round trip luxury transport to Florence, Venice, San Gimignano

2 night accommodation in Florence
One group dinner and one 3 course lunch
2 Wine Tastings

Tour of vineyard and cellar

The Florence Bus2alps informational guide
Museum tour pre booking service
Bus2alps trip leader
Exclusive Bus2alps discounts




Detailed Itinerary


For accurate departure times, travel times, prices of activities, and suggestions on how much extra money you will need, please contact

The trip departs Rome from the Roma Termini train station. Meeting point is in front of the Nike Store. Please meet your trip leader 20 minutes prior to departure. Travel to Florence is by private, luxury coach bus with A/C, and DVD. 

Once we arrive in Florence, your trip leader will give you a walking tour of Florence. We will see the Duomo, the historic Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, Piazza Republicca, Piazza Signoria, and more! We will finish the tour in Piazza Signoria and your trip leader will direct you to some delicious lunch spots. Florence is known for its cuisine, and you will not be disappointed.

The rest of the afternoon is yours to explore Florence. Your trip leader will walk you to the top of Piazza Michaelangelo, which overlooks the city.  

For dinner we will meet at Il Gatto e la Volpe, our favorite restaurant in Florence, and have an included group dinner.  The meal includes an abundance of wine, antipasto, and three types of pasta, finished with a shot of limoncello. 

Following dinner, we will take you to our favorite pubs and get VIP entrance to the top clubs in Florence. 



The trip departs Florence from the Santa Maria Novella train station. The meeting point is in the International Ticketing Hall opposite tracks 8 and 9. Please meet your Trip Leader 20 minutes prior to departure. Travel to Venice is by private, luxury coach bus with A/C, DVD, and bathroom. 

Once we arrive in Venice you are free to explore the intricate arrangement of canals and buildings on stilts. From here, it is easy to access the glass-blowing island of Murano, the colorful houses on the island of Burano, or head directly to St. Mark’s Square by way of waterbus or on foot. Your trip leader will show those interested in going to Murano and Burano the way by waterbus. We recommend purchasing the full day pass for the water bus. This will allow you to explore all of Venice’s islands with ease.

You will have plenty of time to spend your day between Murano, the picturesque island of Burano, St. Mark’s Square, and the Famous Rialto Bridge. If you want to get on the canals, take a ride in a Gondola or opt for the inexpensive option of touring around by waterbus.

The bus will depart from Venice for Florence.



Travel to San Gimignano is by private, luxury coach bus with A/C, and DVD. 

One of the major wine regions of Tuscany, the Chianti region boasts some of the world’s most exquisite grapes. Once we arrive at the first winery, Poggio Alloro, we will embark on our included wine tasting and vineyard tour. You will learn of the process of picking, making and bottling of this famous wine. Afterwards, you will have time to sample wine, browse the vineyards and take pictures with the charming backdrop of the Tuscan Hills. 

We will depart the first winery and head to San Gimignano. This charming area is a walled medieval town perched on a hill. Its well-preserved medieval towers can be seen from several kilometers away and have become iconic of the city. You will have time to explore the city. See the city’s fourteen towers, and the Collegiata and St Agostino churches with their works of art from famous renaissance artists such as Filippino Lippi.

Our last stop is a local family owned winery named Tenuta Torciano. We will have a wine tasting of many local wines such as the Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti Classico while enjoying a lunch of typical Tuscan appetizers and homemade lasagna with truffle oil. You will learn the proper way to hold the wine glass, smell the bouquet and taste in the way of sommeliers. After lunch, you will have a chance to purchase bottles of wine.

We will then depart Tenuta Torciano for return back to Rome in the later afternoon. 


Highlights include:

Il Duomo

The David

St. Mark's Square

Glass Blowing show

Gondola rides

Murano glass factories

Rainbow houses of Burano

Rialto Bridge

2 Wine Tastings

Traditional Tuscan Lunch and Group Dinner in Florence

Poggio Alloro Winery Tour

Brunello di Montalcino tasting

San Gimignano’s Towers

World’s Best Gelato

Views of the Tuscan Hills


  1. Florence
  2. Venice
  3. San Gimignano