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The kingdom of kingdoms

Egypt is a country of rugged, harsh beauty mixed with reminders of what was arguably the most impressive ancient civilization history has ever known. The awe-inspiring treasures and stunning landscapes of this country are perfectly complemented by the warmth and hospitality of its people. You can't travel back in time (at least, not yet), but exploring Egypt is close enough.


Arrive at any time. Arrival transfer included.

If you arrive early there are plenty of things to see and do in this amazing city. Visit the Saladin Citadel of Cairo one of the most popular attractions in the city, or to really get a feel for the place, get lost in the bazaars and join the locals for a coffee in a local cafe.

  • Arrival Airport Transfer: Cairo1h-1h30m
    • You will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel to start your adventure.
  • Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting (1 hr)
    • The adventure begins tonight. Feel free to explore before your welcome meeting, but make sure you’re back in time to meet the group. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your tour. Please note that normal check-in times apply at our start hotels, but you can usually store your luggage for the day if you arrive early.


Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx Hotel (or similar)



Embark on a guided tour of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Continue to the historic Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

  • We begin with one of the key highlights of any visit to Egypt, the Great Pyramids of Giza. While once located in remote desert, they now touch the suburbs of modern Cairo. Also visit the mysterious Sphinx, with its lion’s body and man’s face. In the afternoon we drive to Alexandria, where we will spend the next two evenings.
  • Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx Tour : Cairo
    • Enjoy a tour of the magnificent great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. No matter how many photos or documentaries you have seen, the first glimpse of these marvels of the ancient world will take your breath away. As a qualified Egyptologist, your CEO has all the facts about of these massive structures
  • Private Vehicle : Cairo – Alexandria4h
    • Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Optional Activities - Day 2Show


Cherry Maryski Grand Royal Hotel (or similar)

Meals included:




Spend the day exploring this ancient seaside city, including Pompey's Pillar, the catacombs, and the new Alexandria Library.

  • We have plenty of time to explore all the incredible sites this ancient city has to offer. Founded by Alexander the Great around 331BC, Egypt's only Mediterranean city is characterized by a distinctly European atmosphere and a refreshing sea breeze. Don't miss the chance to enjoy an optional seafood dinner at one of the city's many outdoor seaside restaurants this evening.
  • Pompey's Pillar Visit: Alexandria
    • The name "Pompey's Pillar" is actually a misnomer, as it has nothing to do with Pompey, having been erected in 293 for Emperor Diocletian, possibly in memory of the rebellion of Domitius Domitianus.
  • Catacomb of Kom ash-Shuqqafa Visit: Alexandria
    • These tombs were tunneled into the bedrock in the age of the Antonine Emperors (2nd century AD) for a single wealthy family still practicing the ancient religion of Egypt. They represent the last existing major construction of the old Egyptian religion
  • Alexandria Library Visit (1hr)
    • The Ancient Library of Alexandria was probably the largest and certainly the most famous of the libraries of the ancient world. It flourished during Greek rule and functioned as a major centre of scholarship, at least until the time of the Roman conquest of Egypt, and probably for many centuries thereafter. The old library was destroyed in a fire around the 1st century BC. The magnificent new library was opened in 2002 very close to the site of the ancient one.
  • Private Vehicle: Alexandria
    • Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.


Cherry Maryski Grand Royal Hotel (or similar)

Meals included:




Checkout of our accomodaitons are at 14:00 and we wil provide a shuttle to the Airport starting at 8:00 and ending at 14:00. Shuttle departs every hour on the hour. 

Encompassing Egypt’s greatest highlights and a three-day Nile cruise, this adventure enhances a wide variety of included activities with the expertise of our CEOs, through whom you’ll gain a greater appreciation of the region’s history and archaeological finds.


Discover the secrets of the Great Pyramids and explore the Valley of the Kings, then meet local people and share a traditional meal. A combination of air-conditioned transport and domestic flights will get you to the sights – and your comfortable accommodations – quickly and conveniently.


From ancient history to bustling modern Cairo, embark on an incredible journey to the very heart of Egypt.


  1. Cairo
  2. Alexandria