Test Activity- Liz - Trips for 20-somethings to Europe's Top Destinations

Test Activity- Liz

Take the craziest trip of your life! Everything from petting, looking and walking Liz's Dog, Sergi. 

Day 1:

Start the day off with petting Sergi's silky coat in Florence. He loves to be scratched behind the ears, so don't forget! 


Day 2:

Kick off day 2 with just staring at Sergi in Rome/ 


Day 3:

Trek through Pompeii's with Sergi on a leash, but be careful! Sergi still doesn't know how to heel! 





Petting Sergi

Looking at Sergi

Taking Sergi on Walks! 

and so much more!





  1. Florence
  2. Rome
  3. Pompeii