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Donna Anna Fondue Tour

A boat trip like no other on the most beautiful lake of winterwonderland Switzerland. We thought, why not combine an breathtaking boat tour on the over 45 year old venetian taxi boat "Donna Anna" with a delicious Fondue after being on the boat? Come onboard with you friends, travel with a whole lot of style and explore the lake. 

Our captains bring you to the breathtaking  has to offer and are delighted to share their knowledge with you along the way. The highlight of the tour is a visit of the famous fishing village Iseltwald, with its castle on little island. 

Additional Information

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Pickup Location

Our captain is picking you up at your hotel or hostel and drives you to the BLS shipstation in Interlaken Ost. After a brief introduction and check-in, you find yourself aboard the Donna Anna and slowly make your way up on the Aare Canal towards the lake.

On your journey you cruise along the town of Bönigen and towards Iseltwald. We take our time to enjoy the magnificent view before  starting our return journey towards Interlaken. Your time on the boat is approx. one hour. 

Once back on land, we will walk a short distance and you will enjoy a delicious swiss cheese fondue with your friends. 
After way too soon, we will drive you back to your accomodation with nice memories and a new perspective of this beautiful part of the world. Book your incredible tour of this part of Switzerland now!

The Experience

  • An unforgettable boat trip on the Venetian taxi boat Donna Anna for one hour 
  • A knowledgeable, experienced captain with wit and charm
  • See the famous fishing village Iseltwald from the water
  • Dreamlike places for souvenir photos
  • A delicious swiss cheese fondue after the boatride. 


  1. Interlaken Ost
  2. Bönigen
  3. Iseltwald
  4. Interlaken Ost