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Rome 2 The Amalfi Coast Long Weekend- Silver Route

Limoncello, sun, and black sand beaches; vacation in true Mediterranean style. In the Amalfi Coast you can relax on a private boat tour of the island of Capri that takes you to the Blue Grotto for cliff jumping and cave swimming in the mystical blue water of the Mediterranean on Bus2alps’ exclusive boat ride. See the ruins of Pompeii where our private guides are available to show you one of the most well-preserved cities of ancient times. Afterwards, treat yourself to the best pizza margherita of your life in Naples, the birthplace of pizza. Only Bus2alps includes your ferry to Capri, boat tour of the island, transportation to Positano and Pompeii.  With us you can be sure that this will be your most brag-worthy weekend in Europe!

This is the trip that won Bus2alps the award for 2nd Best Tour Worldwide!

Note: This tour is one extra day, returning on Monday.


  • Round trip luxury coach transport (with A/C, DVD, & bathroom)
  • Accommodation with your friends at top rated hostels
  • Breakfast
  • Private ferry to island of Capri with a private guided boat tour of the island (with a stop at the Blue Grotto)
  • Private transfer to Positano
  • Private transport to Pompeii & Mt. Vesuvius
  • Exclusive Bus2alps discounts everywhere
  • A Bus2alps trip leader
  • The Amalfi Coast Bus2alps destination guide

Detailed Itinerary

For accurate departure times, travel times, prices of activities, and suggestions on how much extra money you will need, please contact [email protected]

Day 1

The trip departs Rome from the Roma Termini train station. The meeting point is in front of the Nike store at the front of the train station. Please meet your trip leader 20 minutes prior to departure. Travel to The Amalfi Coast is by private, luxury coach bus with A/C, DVD, and bathroom. We make one 45 minute stop. We will arrive late that night.  Upon arrival to The Amalfi Coast, we will immediately check into our accommodation.

Day 2

Friday morning we depart the accommodations to Positano (included). This spectacular, scenic drive hugs the coastline cliff face before depositing us high above Positano. After some photo opportunities, we will walk to the black sand beaches through this remarkable cliff-hanging costal village. Sun and beach await for the rest of the day. Once in Positano, our Bus2alps trip leader will point out Vini e Panini for sandwiches, snacks, and drinks in addition to other good places to eat. Bus2alps organizes an optional boat trip that takes you on a costal tour of Positano to cliff jump, cave swim, and capture great photos. Cliff jump into the crystal clear deep Mediterranean or go swimming inside some incredible caves! There are 2 choices for you to return to Sorrento, by local bus (which drops in the middle of Sorrento) or private bus direct to our accommodation, organized by Bus2alps. Saturday night you have free to yourself to either kick back at one of the scenic viewpoints at the accommodation or head into Sorrento.

Day 3

We depart for the port first thing in the morning bus where we board our private boat and set sail for Capri. First stop is the Blue Grotto. If the grotto is open, you will be transferred directly from our boat to the grotto. Entry to the Blue Grotto is an additional fee if you choose to go in. After, we continue around the island and dock at Marina Grande. Your trip leader will walk you up Via Krupp to the Augustus’ Garden where you have great views of the island. If you choose to not join, there is a beach in Marina Grande to spend the day. We then walk to Capri Town where meet our private transport to Anacapri. Anacapri bustles with options. We suggest riding up the chairlift to the top of Mt. Solaro to get a breathtaking 360 degree view of the island, grabbing a unique pair of custom made sandals and enjoying some homemade limoncello and chocolates at Bus2alps’ favorite authentic Capri shops, and having a scrumptious lunch at Bus2alps’ favorite place in Anacapri, Le Arcate. After we arrive in Anacapri, you will be left with plenty of time to tour the shops, look around the rest of the island, or hang out on the beach down by Marina Grande. Our private boat departs from Marina Grande for Sorrento. Friday night we organize an optional dinner in the Sorrento town center at Il Leone Rosso, an excellent restaurant with an extensive menu of local specialties at great prices. Afterwards we can head down to the English Inn, an outdoor beer garden with drinks specials for Bus2alps members.

Day 4

Sunday morning we depart for Pompeii and Vesuvius. We arrive at Pompeii and break for an hour for lunch. Join your trip leader for a cheap lunch at our recommended pizza place or panini shop. At Pompeii, Bus2alps will organize an optional professionally guided 2 hour tour. Bus2alps has been using the same 2 guides for the past 4 years and they paint an excellent picture of Pompeii life during the Roman era and relate it to young adults. You can also enter without a guide and see the ruins at your own pace. After touring Pompeii, you will have the option to climb Mt. Vesuvius.
We depart Pompeii late afternoon to return to Sorrento. You will have the evening free to head into Sorrento city center or hang out at the hostel.

Day 5

Monday morning we depart for Naples after breakfast. In Naples, the birthplace of pizza, you will have a couple hours to explore this truly Italian city and visit the beautiful Piazza Plebiscito or grab an authentic slice of Margherita pizza. We depart Naples early afternoon to return to Florence. We arrive back in Florence later in the night.
Included Activities

Capri Ferry and Island Tour: We take a private, 80 person boat to the island of Capri. Once we arrive to Capri, our private ferry takes us on tour around the island, stopping at the Blue Grotto (entrance not included), and other sites, including Marina Grande, Faraglione, White Grotto and Green Grotto.

Limoncello Tasting & Sandal Shop: There are two shops in Anacapri that produce amazing custom sandals and make their own Limoncello and lemon chocolates. Custom sandals start at 40 Euro.

Positano Transport: Our private bus transports you to Positano, a beautiful drive winding along the ocean.

Pompeii Transport: Pompeii is the most preserved ancient Roman civilization. You will be transported there by our private bus.

Optional Activities

Blue Grotto: Entrance into the site includes row boat ride into one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Europe. For an added tip your driver may allow you to swim in the fluorescent water.

Positano Boat Cruise: We take a private boat down the Amalfi Coast where we stop to cliff jump, swim through caves, and scope some incredible views.

Pompeii Guided Tour: Bus2alps has been using the same guides for years now. They give a fantastic account of the city and do a good job of relating it.

Mt. Solaro: From Anacapri you can take a chairlift to the top of the island for the best views of the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius.



Highlights include:

  • The island of Capri
  • Blue Grotto
  • Private boat cruise
  • Positano
  • Pompeii
  • Naples
  • and more!


  1. Rome
  2. Amalfi Coast