Day Trip to Kutná Hora from Prague -

Day Trip to Kutná Hora from Prague

The macabre sight of Kutná Hora's bone chapel draws visitors from all over the world. Just one hour outside of Prague lies this gem of Bohemian history, home to much more than pyramids of skulls and bones. It was the economic powerhouse of the Kingdom of Bohemia and played a crucial role in the 15th century Hussite Wars.

Today Kutná Hora is one of the most popular destinations in the Czech Republic because of its amazing collection of historic buildings, including the ghoulish Sedlec Ossuary, the Gothic masterpiece of St. Barbara's Church and the splendour of the Italian Court. Kutná Hora's rich heritage was born in the days when the city competed with Prague both economically and culturally, becoming the favourite residence of several Bohemian kings. How did it gain such a status? Kutná Hora produced a third of Europe's silver, and created the 'Prague Groschen' – the hard currency of Central Europe at that time.

We use private buses for transport from Prague to Kutná Hora. For this reason, it is required to book in advance to secure your place. The tour in Kutná Hora is by foot. Please allow about 7 to 8 hours for this tour.

Ticket price includes all transport and entry into St. Barbara’s Church and the Sedlec Ossuary.

On this day trip with private bus transportation from Prague to Kutná Hora we cover: 

  • The Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Chapel)
  • Chandelier and coat-of-arms made of human bones
  • Saint Barbara’s Church
  • Life of miners and minters of the 15th century
  • Hrádek Castle
  • The Hussite Wars
  • Bohemia’s oldest Cistercian Monastery
  • Saint James’ Church
  • The Italian Court - Royal Mint
  • The Jesuit College

… and much more!


  1. Old Town Square