Edinburgh Pub Crawl -

Edinburgh Pub Crawl

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Edinburgh’s nightlife is awesome but often elusive, with hidden alleyway pubs or clubs guarded by burly bouncers, funky cocktail lounges and rocking clubs in old abandoned underground vaults.

Professional party guides will show you Edinburgh’s best while you meet other travelers looking to party. You'll see a side of Edinburgh you won’t find on your own. We go to cool places and get you cheap drinks, so you can party like a rock-star... and spend like a backpacker!


You must be 18+ to enjoy this night out. Please bring valid Photo I.D. SANDEMANs NEW Europe Tours supports the responsible enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. When it is misused, alcohol can be dangerous. We want everyone to have an unforgettable night, but for your safety the bars visited on Pub Crawls will cut you off if you’ve reached your limit. The mission is to show you Edinburgh's nightlife, not to get you drunk. 

From EUR 13.38

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Join us on this tour of Edinburgh’s nightlife for:

  • 5 cool bars & a hot club
  • Drink deals in every pub
  • FREE club entrance at the end of the night
  • Unlimited deals & discounts
  • 5 FREE shots
  • A great night out with people looking to party!


  1. The Globe Bar