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Budapest Caving Tour

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is famous for its hot springs. Many people visit Hungary’s famous thermal baths, but only a few know that the hot water rushing up from deep underground created something else too. In the limestone mountains under Budapest, the heated water formed a huge cave system which is thought to be more than 100 km long. It is a multi-level labyrinth system with most of its chambers under the residential districts of Budapest. This tour takes you on a 2.5-3 hour long tour of the cave system. The tour explores many parts of the natural caves, with the supervision of professional caving guides. All the necessary equipment — overalls, helmet, and light — is provided. Closed toed shoes are required and not provided. No previous experience in caving is needed, though you will need to crawl or climb many times during the tour.

Please note: This is activity is not appropriate or recommended for those who become easily claustrophobic. 


  • Budapest's natural cave system
  • Unique and fun tour experience
  • Geological history of the region


  • Caving Jumpsuit
  • Helmet
  • Light

*Closed toed shoes required and will not be provided. 


  1. Budapest