canyonSWING - Trips for 20-somethings to Europe's Top Destinations


Pure adrenaline in the Glacer Gorge in Grindelwald! Attached to an 85 meter rope, you jump into the narrow Glacier Gorge. After a 50m free Fall, you swing with up to 120kph through the impressive canyon. Scary, spectacular, aewsome - a moment you will never forget!

Minumum number of participants: 5 people

We pick you up at your hotel in Interlaken and drive you up to Grindelwald where the canyonSWING takes place. After the jump, we bring you back to Interlaken.

  • 50 meters of free falll
  • Up to 120 kph
  • Swing in the narrow Glaceri Gorge


  1. Interlaken