Your ultimate adventure is about to begin…whether you want to travel to cross off multiple countries in 10 days on either of our Northern, Western or Southern Loops, or explore the best of Greece this semester, Bus2alps has you covered. Come with us on one of our Fall Break Trips, and you can rest easy knowing your break will be awesome! 

Fall Breaks 2018

With a full week off from class, you want to make the most of it. We want to help you check off as much as possible while getting the full experience in each destination with your time off, so we've planned a variety of 8-10 day breaks to make it easy. 

You can avoid spending hours checking train timetables, comparing flight prices, reading hostel reviews, and scanning travel blogs to figure out the perfect break, because we've already done it for you. Whether you want to marvel at Santorini's blue domes beneath the sunset, watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle, stroll the beaches of Barcelona, take the ultimate selfie with the Colosseum, or anything else, we have an option for you so you can see the best of Europe. 

"Each trip was perfectly planned out and the guides provided us with all the information we needed. From a detailed itinerary to recommendations for where to eat at each destination, the company made sure that everything ran smoothly and that we each had the best experience we possibly could. I believe that what makes Bus2alps such an incredible company is their passionate, knowledgable and enthusiastic tour guides." - Alyson S.

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The Northern Loop

Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels & Paris

The Western Loop

Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam & Berlin

Greece Island Hopping

Athens, Santorini & Corfu

Best of Italy

Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona & Milan