Fall/Spring Break -

Long Breaks

With a full week off from class, you're going to want to make the most of it. Bus2alps has designed eight-to-ten day breaks with your appetite for adventure in mind.

Our Long Breaks are constructed to ensure you get the full experience in three or more cities across any number of countries. Whether you wish to marvel at Santorini's well-known blue domes beneath the sunset, watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle, or relax on the beach in Corfu we have an option for you.

We'll leave the midterms to you; you leave vacation planning to us. Deal?


"Each trip was perfectly planned out and the guides provided us with all the information we needed. From a detailed itinerary to recommendations for where to eat at each destination, the company made sure that everything ran smoothly and that we each had the best experience we possibly could. I believe that what makes Bus2alps such an incredible company is their passionate, knowledgable and enthusiastic tour guides." - Alyson S.

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