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European Spring & Fall Breaks

These trips are for those studying anywhere in Europe, or traveling from the US, Canada, Australia or really wherever you are. These trips are 5-10 day trips which fall on exteneded school holidays. You have a whole week off from class, a whole week! Why shouldn’t you take advantage of a chance to see heaps of incredible sites and still get in world class nightlife in Europe. Your whole week of traveling is set for you. Instead of pouring hours into research, your multi-city trip to places like Paris, London, Greece, and Italy has been reduced into a few clicks. Instead of stressing over what train to take to Paris, you can enjoy your last hours exploring Amsterdam. Whether you are studying abroad or looking to spend your holiday break somewhere new, Bus2alps is showing you the best of Europe. Sit back, and enjoy the ride. With options to fly-in or travel with us by bus, these tours take the headache out of planning  multi-city trips and allow you to get the most out of your hard earned vacation.

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Bus2Alps AG The Best of Italy

The Best of Italy

Discover the tastes, culture, and the iconic architecture of Italy. Visit the playground of the Gladiators, explore the birthplace of the Renaissance, the sceni...

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Bus2Alps AG The Western Loop

The Western Loop

The Western Loop Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin Step into the lifestyle of the most exciting city on the Mediterranean in Barcelona, be romanced in Paris, s...

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Bus2Alps AG Eastern Winter Loop

Eastern Winter Loop

Spend 7 days exploring Eastern Europe’s most fascinating cities; cruising the Danube River and relaxing in the thermal baths of Budapest, exploring the lively ...

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Bus2Alps AG The Northern Loop

The Northern Loop

Experience Europe’s most popular cities in 10 days. Explore the fairy tale city of Prague with its unique architecture, rich culture, and enormous castle. Take in t...

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Bus2Alps AG Greece Island Hopping

Greece Island Hopping

See the Acropolis up close visit the Olympic stadium, and stroll the markets of Plaka in Athens. Stop by Santorini for the world’s most astonishing sunset over blue...

Bus2Alps AG Amsterdam, Paris, & Barcelona

Amsterdam, Paris, & Barcelona

  Soak up the vibe of Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Dance Event Music Festival, be romanced in Paris under the Eifel Tower, and step into the lifestyle of the m...

Bus2Alps AG The UK Celtic Loop

The UK Celtic Loop

Experience the royalty of London, the countryside of England, and the magical city of Edinburgh. Voyage across the Irish Sea to the beauty of the Emerald Isle. Land in th...