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Working at Bus2alps: always an adventure, always something new!

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Interested in a career in tourism?

Want to work with others who are always looking for their next big adventure?  Navigate Europe and introduce study abroad students to the most famous places in the world-- from the Eiffel Tower to the Swiss Alps and everything in between.  Be a part of the exciting tourism industry as you meet people from across the world.  Oh, and you’ll work with some pretty cool people, too.  Check out the positions available at Bus2alps. 

European Intern

This is an entry-level position with Bus2alps. The intern position at Bus2alps is a full-time, seasonal, freelance position. The internships are based in one or more of our European departure cities and last 90 days. The main focus of the internship is sales, which involves selling Bus2alps trips both online and in-person. During the week you will be expected to meet students throughout the city through guerilla marketing, distribute print materials, communicate with contacts via social media, and attend promotional events. During the weekend you will train as a guide while leading students throughout Europe on our trips. Interns reside in provided staff housing in our departure cities and travel frequently throughout Europe. Interns receive a commission based on sales. An Intern is considered a trainee guide and a marketing representative for Bus2alps AG.

Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassadors are responsible for coordinating and promoting awareness of Bus2alps while on campus and to their peers. The position is available both in the US and for those studying abroad in Europe. This is a freelance position. Campus ambassadors work directly with the Bus2alps U.S. Operations Manager and are candidates for the full-time European positions listed above. We review applications at the end of every month, so expect to hear from us then! 

To join the Ambassador team, fill out the applicable form below. If you are headed abroad or currently abroad fill out the European-Based Ambassador form.


Future Jobs at Bus2alps 

There are many full-time positions that Bus2alps offers. After you've completed the mandatory 3 month European internship (application links above), there are opportunities to advance within several fields such as: operations, trip guiding, sales, and marketing. There is still a considerable amount of travel involved in all of these positions, and we expect our staff to be well-rounded and motivated team players who excel at multi-tasking and leadership.


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