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Working at Bus2alps: always an adventure, always something new!


Interested in a career in tourism?

Want to work with others who are always looking for their next big adventure?  Navigate Europe and introduce study abroad students to the most famous places in the world-- from the Eiffel Tower to the Swiss Alps and everything in between.  Be a part of the exciting tourism industry as you meet people from across the world.  Oh, and you’ll work with some pretty cool people, too.  Check out the positions available at Bus2alps. 


Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassadors are responsible for coordinating and promoting awareness of Bus2alps while on campus and through their peers. The position is available both in the US and for those studying abroad in Europe. This is a freelance position. Campus ambassadors work directly with the Bus2alps U.S. Operations Manager and are candidates for the full-time European positions listed above.

To join the Ambassador team, fill out the applicable form below. If you are headed abroad or currently abroad fill out the European-Based Ambassador form.


European Intern

*Entry level for those new to travel and tourism.
An Intern position at Bus2alps, AG, is a full time seasonal job. An internship is a freelance position at Bus2alps AG.  This is an entry level position for Bus2alps and is required to be completed prior to applying for any European based position. Interns reside in provided housing, in one of our departure cities, and travel frequently throughout Europe. Interns also receive commission based on sales. An Intern is considered a trainee guide and a marketing representative for Bus2alps AG.

To apply for a full-time position with Bus2alps, please fill out the applicable form for your starting season.

Summer 2016 non- EU permit or passport holders

Summer 2016 EU permit or passport holders


Regional Manager

The Regional Sales Manager is responsible for the internal and external success of the staff residing in his/her assigned region.  The manager is the link between the regional sales staff and the upper management in Interlaken.  They must also coordinate with the Operations Manager and Marketing Manager to ensure the smooth operation of long and short term tactics of the company.

*The Regional Manager must have previous sales and management experience

* EU passport or residnecy required

To apply for the Regional Manager with Bus2alps, please fill out the following form.

Regional Manager Application 


City Manager

City Manager is a full time position at Bus2alps, AG. The City Manager is employed in Switzerland, but lives and works in his or her respective departure city. The City Manager will travel extensively throughout Europe and reports directly to the Operations Manager who is based in Interlaken. The City Manager is responsible for all local operations including local marketing, staff supervision & planning, contact with local service providers, and guiding.  The City Manager is also expected to take on all responsibilities listed under, Lead Guide and Intern.

*The City Manager must have completed the mandatory 3 month European internship with Bus2alps. To apply check out the European Intern job description.


Travel Specialist

Travel Specialist is a full time position at Bus2alps AG. The Travel Specialist will travel extensively through Europe. and can be responsible for either marketing, trip leading, or operations. The Travel Specialist reports directly to the City Manager of the respective departure city. Travel Specialists are well-rounded and motivated team players who can be responsible for a large group of travelers and be a team leader.

*The Travel Specialist must have completed the mandatory 3 month European internship with Bus2alps. To apply check out the European Intern job description.


Interlaken Administrative Assistant Intern

The Administrative Assistant will live in Bus2alps’ hometown of Interlaken, Switzerland and work closely in the office of the C.O.O.  This position would be for those interested in gaining knowledge and experience about the fields of tourism, hospitality and marketing.  Those interested should have a working knowledge of excel, word and google applications, along with organizational and operational skills.  Applicants for this position must have an EU passport.


Please contact for more information.