Study Abroad Apartments caters to student needs based on their preferences. Our mission is to get students the perfect a...

Backpacker's Villa

Centrally located in Interlaken, Switzerland, Backpacker’s Villa is the perfect hostel for those looking for comfort a...

Jungfrau, Top of Europe

The journey to the Jungfraujoch at 3454 meters (Europe’s highest altitude railway station) is the highlight of every v...


Balmers, a family owned and operated accommodation, has been open since 1907 in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Villa Saint Exupéry

Sociable and stylish, Nice’s Villa Saint Exupéry Hostel has been ranked in the “Top 10 Hostels Worldwide.”

GSE Abroad

Take your studies overseas and try one of GSE Abroad's programs offering credit for your current school.

Czech Inn

Not only does this Prague hostel blend style and comfort, it creates a unique environment for meeting and mingling with ...

Seven Hostel

Located near Sorrento on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Seven Hostel is an ideal accommodation for young, fresh clients.

Mosaic House

This modern-chic accommodation is located right in the heart of Prague, just a short walk from the famous Charles Bridge...