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Vienna Activities

Austria's capital city, Vienna, offers a wealth of fascinating history and culture.  Enhance your stay with a night at the Kursalon Hall indulging in all that the City of Music has to offer in the form of a Viennese variety show.  Sit back, relax and enjoy a live performance of Mozart & Strauss classical music, opera and traditonal Waltz dancing.  Book your activity in advance to ensure your space.


Vienna Craft Beer Tasting

Learn about one of the most popular drinks worldwide!
Austria is one of the top beer drinking countries worldwide and therefore has a huge variety of different types of beer from all over the country. During this beer tasting you will not only learn insights about the brewing process and the various beer types but also the proper way of tasting the different beers.

Vienna Pub Crawl

Are you ready to experience a night out in Vienna like a local?
If so, prepare to have a blast! We are taking you to our favourite places, where you will be overwhelmed with choices of exceptional craft beer and other special drinks!. Minimum age is 18 years!